Friday, August 16, 2019

Celebrating 5 Years - Last Chemo Treatment

Five years ago this past Monday (August 12), Kennedy had her last chemo infusion.  A month later she had her port out and then we celebrated like crazy with a huge bash and magnificent trip to Disney, thanks to Make-A-Wish.

I forgot Monday was “that” day.  I must have programmed it in my calendar to repeat annually and although I glanced and make note of it every year, I never thought much of it. 

This year, I mentioned it to Kennedy.  She asked if we were going to celebrate.  I thought about it and figured, Hell YEAH!  There is SO much to celebrate.   In fact, we don’t celebrate enough.

Kennedy is alive, our family is well – we are enjoying one another so much and I’m soaking up every second.  Yes, we should celebrate.  We need to take pause and be grateful for Kennedy, for the end of chemo, for life in general, for our family unit.  We don’t celebrate enough.

Five years later after her last treatment Kennedy started 7th grade, she auditioned and was selected for 7 company dances - dancing 14 hours a week, she takes piano, she's super social and she's one of the kindest souls I know.  

Kennedy’s illness taught us a lot about living and our perception of control – more or less, control is an illusion.  You can have everything one day and have nothing the next.  No matter how hard you plan, follow every parenting book, listen to every advisor, exercise, eat right – it can all vanish in an instant.   

Our family has been hit hard by cancer – Gene and I lost our mother’s to it and we saw it tear apart our 4 year-old daughter and steal a big portion of her early years.  We saw a neighborhood dad lose his life to it and leave behind young beautiful children with only months to prepare.  We lost an aunt to it.  It has knocked on our door too often.  And it doesn’t necessarily have to be cancer – it could be any illness or life-altering event.

So I’m ending this blog with some advice to everyone I know and love.  Live.  Enjoy every second.  Celebrate the wins – big or small.  Tell your loved ones how much you love them.  Appreciate everything you have, always.  Look around and be grateful.  It all can vanish in an instant.  Life is a gift – cherish it.  Cheers to another milestone!

Edan and Gene

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