Thursday, October 24, 2013

Countdown Continues - 10 Months Left

Prepping for Halloween

Kennedy finished another cycle of steroids and Vincristine on Wednesday, the pulse she gets every 16 weeks.  I cannot lie; the last week was tough.  Kennedy’s surface area has increased (AKA she is growing but this is what the doctor’s call it), so her chemo has also gone up.  By day five, moaning due to muscular pain and nausea became common practice and I am so glad to have this pulse behind us.  In her treatment protocol, she has two more of these pulses left – yuck!

Great America Wild Child
To say we’ve been sleep deprived is an understatement.  Due to bad judgment on mom and dad’s part and a long day out on the boat more than 5 weeks ago, Maddox watched a scary movie and has been unable to sleep through the night since.  Couple that with Kennedy’s week of steroids and it has been reminiscent of having newborns – I can only imagine the sleep deprivation for parents of multiples!!!  At this point, we wonder if we will ever have a full nights sleep again.

At the MSI Disney Event
My cousin Nikki got married last Saturday and as much as Kennedy wanted to go, she just wasn’t up for it.  By Saturday, the steroid/vincristine mix had taken its toll and she just wasn’t feeling too well.  She sat this one out and got hang out with Grandma.  We promised Princess K she could put on her fancy dress and shoes for a different night out on the town.

First Grade Picture 
 Other than this crazy last week of steroid hell, all has been well.  Kennedy is in first grade and loves her teacher.  She is in gymnastics and dance and has a passion for life.  We’ve gone apple picking, to Great America and enjoyed some fall days on the boat.  Life is good and we are lucky to celebrate her life daily.

From this point on we have 10 more months of treatment left; so close but so far away.  I am grateful to our wonderful docs and loving support team, we couldn’t do it alone.