Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Halfway done!!!

Maddox being a good big brother at clinic
We passed the halfway mark and it feels incredible!  Back in February of 2012, we never could have imagined time would pass so quickly.  Kennedy’s last few weeks have been incredible.  It was truly sucky having to head back to clinic today for a big whammy of chemo.  But hey - we are halfway done!

Today's procedure was a LP (lumbar puncture – similar to a spinal tap), an infusion of Vincristine and also started steroids.  Just when things start feeling normal, we get an ugly round of chemo to kick her butt.   To top things off, doctor missed her spinal draw of fluid and had to poke her 3 times, both Gene and I felt completely ill in the procedure room.  Thank goodness that part is over and we are home.  She’s feeling some pain in her back and has been nauseated but other than that, she’s in good spirits.  

Kennedy in her HIP HOP recital gear
Since it has been forever since my last entry, I will do a quick run down of what has been happening.  Kennedy finished kindergarten and is now a big first grader.  She had a great dance recital two weekends ago and has been keeping herself busy this summer with gymnastics and tennis.  During the week she stays home while Maddox attends camp.  To keep her busy, we have Molly camp every Monday and Wednesday (we love Molly!!!) and Grandma camp on Fridays.  She also loves to go across the street and hangout with Gina and Cannon when they’re home.

One of the coolest things that has happened is K had her room redone by Special Spaces Chicago.  A neighbor and friend referred Kennedy for a room makeover and they did a beautiful job.   In one day they turned her space into vintage princess quarters.  I can’t thank them enough.  It was more than a room but a new beginning.  At diagnoses Kennedy spent many sick days in her old room and the refreshed look symbolizes a beautiful and healthy new beginning.  Words cannot our express our gratitude for what they did for her.

Other than that, we have been living our new normal.  This means sanitizer and Clorox wipes everywhere we go.  Believe it or not, we’ve been given a hard time by friends (acquaintances) - saying that we can’t protect her from everything and treating us like we’re nuts. Oh well, so we’re crazy!
A beautiful room for a beautiful girl  - thanks Special Spaces

We spend our weekends boating or on the beach when we can.  We still need to be very cautious and Kennedy is not allowed to go into the lake past her waist, swim in public pools or bury herself in sand past her waist.  We all know the rules of our new normal which often makes us oblivious to the fact that she is fighting leukemia or we just choose to forget when we can.  In just 14 months left and we can officially claim that Kennedy kicked Cancer’s ugly butt!

Lastly, I will start making everyone crazy soon for the CureSearch walk.  It is September 7 at the Soldier Field Lawn.  This is the organization that is backing Kennedy’s treatment protocol that is working so Save the date!!!!