Friday, August 20, 2021

7 Years Out of Treatment

Today marks seven years since my last port access meaning I'm officially seven years out of treatment! Today is also my first day of quarantine for I was just diagnosed with covid yesterday. Although I'm absolutely devastated about having to miss my first few weeks of highschool and being unable to dance at my very first football game, this blog subtly reminds me that it's not the end of the world. I know that there are so many cancer kids out there that are unable to do even the smallest of things like going to school in risk of getting covid. I couldn't even imagine what they're feeling right now. It compels me to remember that I am beyond fortunate for everything I have; good or bad. Anywhere from this situation to being the worst in the room at dance to breaking my foot, there will always be a bright side to everything (even if it's hard to see sometimes). 

So here's to another year of many (occasionally sucky) eye-opening experiences.

To an abundance of health and happiness, cheers! 

Love, Kennedy

P.S Little fun fact, 7 happens to be my favorite number because I was age 7 when I got out of treatment!

Fremd Poms team
Things I'm excited for this year:

  • I just started high school
  • I made varsity poms!
  • My family and I are getting involved with the charities that made a great impact on my life during treatment ( like Special Spaces and Make A Wish)
Special Spaces Dream Big Gala